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Cloud Magazine

Always love when a new client throws something a little bit left-field my way, in this case it's a feature for Cloud, the in-flight magazine for Air Charter Service, which is effectively the private jet industry.

Nothing about flying, but an extremely interesting interview with Sandy Hyslop, the Director of Blending at Royal Salute Whisky who spills the beans on making drinks fit for the Queen.

Recent posts

CEDIA Award Winner 2018

Delighted to have just won the Best Tech Feature at the CEDIA Awards 2018. The feature was from Grand Designs magazine and called "Future Proof Your Home"

Obviously thrilled to be recognised for my work! Does this mean I can push my day rate up??

WIRED Interiors 2018

Delighted to have been asked to write the WIRED UK Interiors Special 2018. It's just out in print with content being slowly drip-fed to the website. Here's a link to the Living Room spread. Looks good doesn't it?

BBC Music update

More audio reviews from me for the world's biggest classical music magazine BBC Music. Over the past few issues I've covered everything from soundbars and speakers to cables, cartridges and hi-res audio players.

WIRED Interiors Special 2018

Proud to have written the copy for WIRED Gear Interiors Special for the September 2018 issue. Just the ten pages of luxury, innovative and gorgeous products for your home. Beautiful stuff, brilliantly styled and perfectly photographed.

AI Headphone Reviews for WIRED

I tried out a couple of pairs of headphones that tune themselves specifically to your hearing. Or that's the theory at any rate...

Read all about it here

McLaren Senna for WIRED magazine

Here's a little something I wrote for WIRED magazine on the phenomenal McLaren Senna Supercar

Check the link here