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Another one from the archive, but still highly relevant to anyone looking to sell up and move. It's a feature I wrote for the Sunday Mirror about how I sold my old flat without using a high street estate agent.   We saved a small fortune and felt in control of the process...and knew for certain (from our side at least) that we weren't being misrepresented. Even if you don't care about the subject matter you can always have a nosy around my old flat.

Paint sprayers

The most time consuming and labour intensive review of the year, but also one of the most interesting. With a hall stairs and landing to paint I had a complete blank canvas, a whole weekend and a large amount of white paint. Results varied wildly, from exceptional to awfulness and this review for LIVE magazine includes my first ever 0/5 nul point score. As for my hallway, it still needs a second coat, but at least I know which model paint sprayer I'm going to use. Thanks Earlex, you saved me hours of arm ache.

House Beautiful Green Living

Not a gadget in sight, just all you need to know about creating a healthy, eco friendly bedroom. Taken from my regular Living Well News feature in House Beautiful magazine August 2011


I still prefer a tatty old Penguin Classic but there's no escaping the rise of the eBook. I've reviewed ebooks for more publications than any other gadget this year (sat navs a close second...) This ran a few weeks ago in LIVE magazine in the Mail on Sunday and looked at ebooks like the Kindle as well as tablets and mobile phones. 

Tesco Magazine

Back in the summer I write this feature for the hugely popular Tesco Magazine. Aimed at families looking to survive the summer holidays I took a closer look at the Xbox Kinect, Amazon Kindle and the best camcorders for capturing the action.

Guest review - Joanna Page

Another celebrity interview/review for Live in the Mail on Sunday. This time I was talking 3D with the lovely Joanna Page who played Stacey in Gavin and Stacey. Sometimes it can be hard work extracting life from celebs, but Joanna was full of beans and a treat to talk to. Looking for a new Blu-ray player? Check out my pick of the best at the bottom of the link.


Earlier in the year I was asked to interview Vic Reeves for LIVE magazine in the Mail on Sunday. Lovely guy, very dry and you can forget a hedonistic lifestyle, he was all for a night in with a box. I was talking to him about a Sony Blu-ray player and as soon as I find the interview I'll post it. But for the time being here are a couple of Blu-ray player round-ups.

How time flies

If you want to see just how fast mobile technology changes these days, just check out this smartphone update I did for the Mail on Sunday LIVE mag. I wrote this well under a year ago, but the handsets on show are already looking positively antiquated.

BBQ time

Yes I realise it's November, but I've just found this cutting for a barbecue feature I did for Mail on Sunday LIVE back in the summer. Not often I get to put sausages through on expenses!

Time for an update

I've been snowed under more than usual for the last few months, but I figured it was about time I updated this blog with a few things I've been up to. Random as ever...if I was an actor I would certainly have range. New clients have included Crucial Trading (the best carpets on the planet), Tesco Living magazine, Grand Designs, Country Homes and Interiors, Style at Home magazine and a supplement for the Telegraph.