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FHM July 2012

A freelancer's life is never dull (a bored freelancer is generally known as unemployed) and I love when FHM get in touch. For the July issue I looked into the best stuff for the festival season and found some great gear to keep phones charged, bums dry and valuables safe. But by far the best thing on this page is the Jet Boil . In seconds you've got boiling water for a brew. I've been using one for years and would rather forget my tent than leave the Jet Boil at home! 

Grand Designs Feb 2012

I have recently started working with the team at Grand Designs Magazine on a host of interesting features and projects. Back in the Feb 2012 issue I looked into the 10 fastest and easiest projects to add space to your home. Property porn at its finest -  now does anyone have a spare eco-garden pod?

Country Home Tech

Finally getting around to a long overdue blog update. I fear that if this site is ever up to date the work has dried up and I've hit the breadline. First up, a lovely (even if I do say so myself) feature on technology for Country Homes & Interiors. Now the guys on the magazine will be the first to admit this isn't a core subject to them but they are keen to keep on top of the latest tech, and find out what's available for a more traditional style. I've included the opening spread to give you a flavour.