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Pure Jongo S3 review for has just posted my review of the lovely little Pure Jongo S3 wireless streaming speaker. A great piece of kit ideal for anyone wanting the flexibility to play their digital music from any source and in any room in the house. Visit to read the full review

B&W A5 review for

Another review, this time the superb AirPlay toting B&W A5 Wireless speaker. Superb sound quality, easy set up (in the most part...) and gorgeous design. Click here to read more Beats Pill Review

I've been doing a host of online tech reviews for the fabulous First up, but not in any sort of chronological order, the Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker by Dr Dre. Click here for the full story, but in conclusion... it's good, but nowhere near as good at the price would suggest.

Style at Home magazine - Washer Dryers

Anyone in need of a good value washer dryer should read my guide in the April 2013 issue of Style at Home magazine. I'm not a huge fan of the energy hungry tumble dryer, but performance has improved greatly in recent years and if you need an all-in-one appliances for a small kitchen you'll not find many better. Below is a selection (I don't have a scanner big enough for double page spreads)

Grand Designs Magazine - Kitchen Supplement

Instead of sleeping over Christmas I tackled a 36 page supplement for Grand Designs magazine (April 2013 issue) on choosing and designs the perfect modern kitchen. It almost broke me, but the result was a feature packed guide filled with inspirational ideas, drool-worthy photography and must have appliances and accessories* *if I do say so myself!

T3 Magazine March 2013

Anyone sensible enough to have picked up a copy of T3 March 2013 should have seen the double bill of features by me. First up an in-depth review of the latest GoPro Hero3 action cam. Impressive 4K resolution, unbeatable image quality and more mounts than any other brand. So good even Hollywood have started using them. Secondly 'Sound that travels' is a group test looking at the latest batch of wireless Bluetooth and AirPlay compatible speakers. I was unmoved the much hyped Beats Pill, but couldn't fault the phone charging, bass pumping Braven 600.

Radio silence

I've only just realised this site hasn't been updated since November. Poor form on my behalf, but in my defense I have been extremely busy working on some highly rewarding but time consuming projects. I once said 'If I have time to do my blog, I'm not working hard enough!' but I now think this is a rather outmoded print orientated mind set. So...expect regular updates from me in the future covering all aspects of my work, from published features and copy writing to media work and anything interesting I think I need to share.