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Tested: in the pit to find the best barbecues WIRED June 2014

One of my favourite projects this year. Big barbecues tested by Tom Adams from Pitt Cue  for the June issue of WIRED. We shot in freezing conditions at Paddington Fire Station and made a lot of friends. Free steak does that. I now want a Big Green Egg.

The fridges that'll keep the crunch in your greens - WIRED magazine

For the October 2014 issue of WIRED I reviewed the latest in  fridge freezers . No easy undertaking but worth the effort. I looked into the claims that new tech could help 'food stay fresher for longer' and the results were surprising to say the least. Thanks to Kelsey Publishing for the use of their barn - Oddly I didn't have room for five fridge freezers at the office...

A brief update...

Well it happened again. I got busy and neglected my website. So what has been happening? I won an award! CEDIA 2014  Best Technology Feature . F or a feature in Homes & Gardens Wrote lots about wearable technology , headphones , Bluetooth speakers and multi-room hi-fi. Got taught to run by a Commonwealth gold medalist. Penned even more about hi-tech washing machines, coffee makers , kitchen appliances and the connected home. Spent time in a $20million New York apartment (investigating integrated home technology) Worked with Marks & Spencer on their new Home catalogue.