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Showing posts from March, 2015

Wearable kit for Wired

Yet more fitness monitor testing but this time for Wired Magazine  with the help of Commonwealth gold medalist Laura Turner. I met Laura at her local track and put five of the latest fitness bands through a series of tests.

Fitbit Charge HR -

Hot on the heels of the Sony Smartband review, here's a link to my thoughts on the Fitbit Charge HR fitness monitor for With continuous heart rate monitoring it is a step up from most on the market.

Sony Smartband review -

I've been writing a lot about wearable technology and fitness gadgets lately. Here's my review of the Sony Smartband for Stuff  which is part smart watch part fitness monitor.

Headphones in the Sunday Times

Back in November I reviewed some fantastic (and not so great) Bluetooth headphones for the Sunday Times. My favourites? The Philips Fidelio M2BT. Not cheap at £250, but well worth it.  

Snowboarding in the Metro

Slightly left-field I admit, but when the Metro called asking if I would go for a snowboarding lesson with an Olympian I was hardly going to turn it down. It was part of a sponsored feature for the new Jeep Renegade. I've been writing about winter sport tech for years so this was great fun. Being paid to play in the snow, yeah, go on then! And yes, that is me.

House Beautiful - August 2014

Another couple of features from a while back, but well worth a mention. This time it is the Smart Living page for House Beautiful magazine, August. Some helpful hints from BT on getting better broadband and a quick look at robot vacuum cleaners. I love my Roomba! In the same issue you'll also find my regular Living Well section (left) where I look at the latest in eco/sustainable buys for the home. This issue was all about reclaimed furniture and energy saving Beko appliances.

Country Homes & Interiors do tech!

It's lovely to be working with Country Homes & Interiors again. I'm writing a series of guides for them on the latest technology and appliances. For the January 2015 issue I looked at music systems that boast country home style and cutting edge technology. Not easy, but thankfully there are some great products out there like the gorgeous Finisterre radio from Ted Baker Audio.

Beautiful Kitchens - November

I love writing for Beautiful Kitchens. The art team have a way to make even the most boring appliances look beautiful! For the November issue I wrote two pieces for them, the first on the latest hobs and extractors (not as dull as you might think!) and then a really interesting piece about connected technology and integrating smart appliances into your home.

Grand Designs Eco - Nov 2014

Been another hectic couple of months with a bunch of new commissions but for now I need to update my blog. I have a pile of magazines and clippings to wade through so first up, my regular Eco news page for Grand Designs, Nov 2014 issue. Interesting chatting to the guys behind eco design agency Grigoriou They have some great ideas on what makes design sustainable and some gorgeous projects to back up their ethos.