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Showing posts from November, 2015

Media days, consultancy and other stuff

I've had a real mixed bag of work highlights the last couple of months. Firstly I've been doing paternity cover for Jeremy White as Acting Gear Editor at WIRED magazine. Great to commission features, organise shoots, locations etc for such an inspiring title. Jan/Feb issue is all mine...well the tech reviews and product stuff at any rate. I spent a day in a radio studio with TV celeb and property expert Amanda Lamb talking all things connected home. All off the back of a study by Barclays Mortgages. Interesting stuff and great that people are starting to become more interested in smart homes - even if it is usually still from a 'wow, you can do that?!' point of view. And speaking of smart homes, I was asked to take part in an event hosted by EE looking at the future of connected home gadgets. A great day seeing how the general public perceive this stuff and asking what they would really want their homes and gardens to be able to do.

Milk tech for WIRED

I tested milk frothers /steamers for WIRED with the help of coffee genius Jack Hesketh, founder of Store Espresso. Results were surprising to say the least.

Swimming tech - Sunday Times

I've played with a lot of fitness tech recently, including this feature in the Sunday Times looking at wearable swimming gadgets. 

Barclays Smart Home radio day

I was delighted to be asked to join property expert and TV presenter Amanda Lamb to talk connected home and smart living as part of a promotion for Barclays Mortgages. I love a day of radio interviews and enjoyed talking about the home of the future and the latest home tech.

Security Cameras for Stuff

I've just reviewed all the latest connected security cameras for Stuff magazine. It's an interesting emerging tech sector and so much more than hi-tech baby monitors. Although ironically that's precisely what I use them for...

Hanging out for the Metro

I've done some daft things in the name of journalism... ...abseiling down the ArcelorMittal Orbit for the Metro being the most stupid. I don't scare easily, but this was terrifying. Still an great experience and not one many people get to do.