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Introducing Brogue

As co-founder of luxury lifestyle website Brogue I'm always on the hunt for the latest in high style, hi-tech and beautiful products from around the world.

Brogue is the definitive digital lifestyle guide, ‘the bulletin for smarter living’ as we like to put it. Founded in 2014 by three lifestyle journalists with over 35 years’ experience between them at the world’s leading magazines, broadsheets and websites, its remit is simple: bringing the finer things in life to your attention, day in, day out. This doesn’t mean we obsess over luxury price-tags: we’re just as likely to get excited about a 12 bottle of wine as we are a 2.6 million supercar (and, no, we don’t advocate combining these two particular vices – it won’t end well).

I'm hugely proud of the content on the site, but am never satisfied, so if you've seen something you think I should feature get in touch. Oh and if you represent a brand, don't forget to ask about our advertising rates and promotional tools. 

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