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Showing posts from March, 2021

Hydrow Review for Wired

No blood, no tears, but plenty of sweat involved in this exclusive review for

Cuisinart Copywriting

Always a pleasure to work with the team at PR First and Cuisinart to produce their annual media magazine. As ever it looks fantastic.

BBC Music March 2021

I love headphones. I write about them a lot, and here's my latest feature for BBC Music doing just that.

WIRED Magazine Update

It has been an age since I updated the site, and while I'm not going to list all the features I've written in the past year, I did want to draw your attention to the website where you can see the variety in features I've been doing as Contributing Editor. From the world's most expensive chocolate to the best exercise bikes (and yes the two are related), to headphones, designer chicken coops and WFH essentials.